First Annual Super Chili Bowl

The First Annual Ocean City BSA Troop 32 Super Chili bowl was held on February 4th at the Ocean City Community Center.  A GREAT time was had by all!

Many thanks to all the participants, and we are pleased to announce the winners!

“Quinn’s Best Kept Secret” – 1st Place  (The Quinns)


“Cow Girl Chili” – 2nd Place (Shannon Hanselman)


“Townhouse C-11” -3rd Place (Amanda Leonetti + roommates)


A hearty thanks to all contestants who participated!

  • Mike Ellis
  • Rose Griscom
  • Lee Ann Kampf
  • Andy Yoa
  • Bernice Adair
  • Fenton Groff
  • Lisa Mitzel
  • Frank Faverzani
Senator Jeff Van Drew and Ocean City BSA Troop 32 Scouts